27th March – The Incredibles

Something a bit different today!

You might have seen the movie The Incredibles (or Incredibles 2) – here’s some of the music from it played by an ensemble from Los Angeles called Gordon Goodwin’s Big Phat Band

The theme was composed by Michael Giacchino but it was arranged for ‘big band’ by Gordon Goodwin (who you might be able to spot playing piano in this video).

  • What different instruments can you see and hear?
  • The drummer is playing in a separate room with a window looking out at the other musicians – can you guess why?
  • Did you notice the improvised solos? Which instruments had a solo?
  • Did this piece sound suitable for a secret agent/superhero movie? Why?
  • And also – did you enjoy it? Is this a style of music you’ve heard before? Do you want to hear more?

This article was written by alison